Lots of Updates!

28 Aug 2018 3:27 PM | Monica Hubinette (Administrator)


We have been busy posting some new events to our calendar this fall so we are excited to have you join us at one of them soon. As always, we welcome your feedback and we make changes and adjustments based on your feedback. It is the only way we will be able to grow and offer great events that people want to attend. See the list at the end for more information.


Based on feedback from our members, we have decided to add a topic to each mixer. We will come prepared with some specials or new things we have learned about our selected topic but it also serves as a way to spark conversations with each other. We also want to know your dream travels to the topic we select and also any great trips you already had as well. The topics will be highlighted in the list of events below. 


We had a great turnout for our July Mixer and many people were curious about Monica's recent trip to Japan. We thought this would be a great opportunity to highlight some great destinations and specials that we come across. For example, we have the 2019 pricing for some great small group tours of Japan which we are adding as an event on our website. We will also add a few more destinations as they relate to our topic theme that we have for each mixer. If you RSVP to these events, we will follow up to see if you want more information or book a trip. 

2019 Small Group Tours of Japan


This isn't a Secret Travel Society event but this is hosted by our travel agency and everyone is welcome to attend. It is a free event to learn more about Viking River and Ocean cruises plus we will have some specials to tell you about that evening. Please invite someone you know who would be interested in attending and we look forward to seeing you there too!

FREE RSVP to Viking Cruise Night


We were very much behind but now all the event photos from April to August have been added to the website. It was fun to look back at our past events and how much fun we have had at each one of them. Sorry, these are only visible to our VIP Members. If you have more to share with us, please let us know! We did update our home page with some new photos in the slideshow so everyone can see those. 

View VIP Event Photos


We made some changes to the membership profile area. We have added an opt-in for getting text message notifications for invites and reminders to our events. We also added a photo release opt-in which requires you to fill out a short form online. Please login to your profile and edit these questions so we can make sure we have all the updated information.  



We would love to have you get the full VIP Member perks and benefits that we offer. We invite you to apply today or if you are already a VIP Member, please share our events with your friends and ask them to apply as a VIP. That way they can hang out with the super cool Secret Travel Society folks today!

We also created an option for you to pay every 6-months instead of monthly as it will be a requirement if you go on the Italy trip with us or take advantage of our discounted travel consultation fee. 



Sept Social Mixer - TOPIC: Cruises 
Thu Sept 13th @ 4pm in Everett

Small Group Tours of Japan (Self-hosted)
RSVP for more info!

Oct Social Mixer - TOPIC: Italy
Thu Oct 4th @ 4pm in Seattle 
RSVP to this event if you are only interested in the mixer. If you want to combine it with our Day in Seattle, RSVP to that event instead. 

Oct Day in Seattle 
Fri Oct 5th @ 9am in Seattle

We will do a food tour through Pike Place Market and the Great Wheel. We also have a screaming good deal on an overnight stay at the Edgewater so it is great to combine this with our mixer event. 

Oct Flashlight Corn Maze - SAVE THE DATE!
Sat Oct 20th @ 7:30pm
 in Snohomish
Details and time still to be determined...

Oct/Nov Social Mixer - TOPIC: Holiday Travel
Sat Oct 27th @ 4pm in Kirkland
Why two mixers in Oct? We were light on events in Sept so we are making up for it in October. 

Nov Holiday Party - SAVE THE DATE!
Fri Nov 9th @ 7pm in Everett/Lynnwood

Details and time still to be determined...

Nov Pasta Making Class
Sat Nov 17th @ 11am in Kirkland

We need 4 people to sign up by 9/30!

Nov Social Mixer - TOPIC: Spa & Wellness Travel
Thu Nov 29th @ 4pm in Lynnwood

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our events!
~Monica & Andrea~


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